Rules Study Guide

Curriculum for ages 13-15

*If you’re 13-15, review the content below to be prepared for your Rules Quiz!


How to take an unplayable lie:

If you believe your ball is unplayable, you may under penalty of one stroke:

  • Play a ball from where the last stroke was made, or
  • Drop a ball any distance behind the point where the ball lay keeping a straight line between the hole, the point where the ball lay and the spot on which the ball is dropped, or
  • Drop a ball within two club-lengths of where the ball lies not nearer the hole.
  • If your ball is in a bunker and you proceed under option b) or c), you must drop in the bunker.

Priority on the Course

  • Unless otherwise determined by the Committee, priority on the course is determined by a group’s pace of play. Any group playing a whole round is entitled to pass a group playing a shorter round.

Player Responsibilities

  • Arriving to the 1st tee on time
    • When playing a round, you want to ensure that you are at the course with plenty of time to check in and go through your normal warm-up routine.
    • In a casual round of golf, it is proper etiquette to always be on time so you are not responsible for the group waiting for you.
      • In the case that you are late you risk the possibility of losing your tee time.
    • If you are playing in a tournament there are penalties for arriving late to your tee time.
      • If you arrive within five minutes after your designated tee time a two stroke penalty will occur in stroke play, or in match play, you will automatically lose the first hole.
      • If you arrive later than five minutes, you will be disqualified from the tournament.
  • Count your clubs
    • Each player is responsible for having the correct number of clubs in his or her bag before the round starts. The maximum number of clubs that a player can carry in his or her bag is 14. While you are allowed to have less than 14 clubs without incurring a penalty, having more than 14 will result in a two stroke penalty each hole that the number 14 is exceeded, up to four strokes in tournament stroke play.